What can you do if your dog eats too many apples in one day and reacts differently?


Apples may be considered safe and harmless for dogs but every dog has different reaction to it. Some might digest it easily and some takes time. Because if you really want to give your pet apples which he hasn’t tasted already then you need to feed him with small amounts and have patience and monitor its every reactions. If you are a totally new to pet owing thing and trying to convince your pet to eat apples first time then the process will take time and slowly you will reach your goals. Always remember one thing is that preventing something is always better than finding the cure for your precious pet. There are some dogs that have been seen eating too many apples and even you offer them one but instead they eat not one but three or five of them in one day.

Apples are harmless and those of says about apple scan be poisonous for dogs is totally wrong, if you still continue to feeding apples to your pet then it can change its digestive system and will lead vomiting and diarrhea in so many ways.You have to control his hunger and manage its nutrition’s.

With that being said below we have listed some real facts about what can you do if your dog eats too many apples in one day and reacts differently to help you understand which is the first thing you have to do to address this situation, what are the things you have to monitor in your pet, how you can prevent your dog having too many apples, and what method you have to chosen in the first place to treat apple one at a time.

  • Which is the first thing you have to do to address this situation?

It is your duty as a pet owner that you should get in touch with the veterinarian who is capable of knowing everything related to dogs. He can help you to find out the sings your dog is having and what is causing him to eat so many apples. Some might get it because they are tasty and some will have a negative impact but overall you need to hear the advice of your vet.

  • What are the things you have to monitor in your pet?

When you dog are having apples then you carefully monitor its every movement and check out for any allergic reactions of having upset stomach while eating with or without seeds. Your pet is very precious and you lookout for every negative reaction that he develops to make it better.

  • How you can prevent your dog having too many apples?

Since you know that can dogs eat green apples and eat too many of them in one single day, then you can prevent this from happening by feeding your dog according to his daily activities and age. Just remember one thing apples contain sugar and too much sugar consumed can be resulted in illness and even death.

  • What method you have chosen in the first place to treat apples one at a time?

In order to make a the habit of giving him one apple on one day you have to use the training or exercising method so he can get tired and focus on the goals you gave him and eats one apple that can fill his energy back where it belongs. You can also make it occasionally as healthy treat for your dog and always try to give them fresh apples so he can stay in fit position.

Unblock games and the gaming industry


From the last few years, people have diverted their attention more towards games. With the advancement of technology, the game industry is also boosting up with more innovations and improvements. The new changes have made the online unblock games more enjoyable to play. These games provide the best source of learning as well as recreation. The games relax your mind and refresh you from your busy routine. They also play a vital role in improving your personality by maintaining your mental status.

Advantages of unblock games

Learning Skills

According to many researchers the online games like tennis, racing games, badminton, and many other learning games helps to enhance the mathematical skills in children. The learning games improve the mental ability and learning skills. Your child will be able to remember the things for alonger time in this way because kids have better observational skills and learning while playing facilitates your child in many ways.

Strategic skills

If you want your child to develop some strategic skills, then these games are best. They will learn how to move their player and what would be the most suitable strategy which will make them win the game. The various challenging tasks and rewards motivate your child to win the game by applying different strategies.

Leadership skills

The teamwork and the leadership skills are also developed. You are enabled to use the various online communities to connect with thousands of player’s worldwide and form your team. So playing with other members will help to increase the leadership skills as well as positive spirit in an individual is developed.

Social and interpersonal skills

The various stages of the unblocked games also assist your child to be a part of the fair play. They will have to face some failure and success in many tasks so they would be able to develop the positive attitude in the real life. If the game is played in a community, then you would be able to communicate many players worldwide so you will get a chance to get social and improve your interaction level with people around the world.

Importance of games

These games have importance in real life because they help us in many situations, you develop many habits like patience, tolerance and trying. However, we can say that the game developers are trainers which aid many people to have the patience to tolerate different situations in our life.

If you a gaming lover then you know that these games make us discipline. Now you will not say to your child that they are wasting their time and energy while playing games because the online unblock games encourages your kid to improve their personality. According to the psychologist, parents must encourage and motivate their child to play games for at least an hour in a day. It helps them to relax a bit, and they can divert their attention from mental stress. These activities are necessary for the child personality and make them ready for almost every situation.

Get more followers on Instagram with Hash Tags



Hast tags can be considered to be the new social media language. Overall the internet language has evolved a lot with slangs and short abbreviations for terms being more popular used. Hash tags lead the language game for social networking sites. Although there are many other ways to attract followers such as you can buy Instagram followers or use many other easy tricks to get more followers; hash tags is hands down one of the most speedy and easy ways of doing it.

There are various characteristics that make hash tags the ultimate power tool. First and foremost is, of course, the depth and meaning they add to the posts. Secondly, hash tags are search engines favorites as it makes searching easier. It also helps business to boost sales and for advertisement and promotion. Keep reading further to find out what re the easy tips to use hash tags to boosts posts and attract followers.

Do’s and Don’ts while using hash tags

There are a few do’s and don’ts that should be kept in mind when using hash tags in posts.

  • Only use hash tags that are relevant and specific to the post
  • While using hash tags keep your target audience in mind
  • Try being innovative and creative
  • Avoid Repetition of hash tags
  • Don’t use too many hash tags as it will crowd the post and not be visually attractive
  • Don’t use hash tags that can be offensive or immoral

How do the Instagram hash tags work?

Hash tags are popularly being used all over the social networking sites nowadays. However, since Instagram is the number one social networking site, it is clear that the hash tags games will be most strong for the Instagram users. With a reported millions of users actively engaging on Instagram, it is natural that there is a competition amongst the users. There is an active trend of ‘who has more followers’?  There are even professionals now who offer to help you buy real Instagram followers. Whereas these purchases can now easily be made, hash tags are also extremely effective to attract a greater number of Instagram followers. So does it work?

Each post you make requires a caption. Although the captions are optional, it is often used to deliver the message along with the picture or video. Along with the caption, come the hash tags. While the captions are brief explanations about what the post is about, the hash tags add an in-depth meaning to it. The hash tags then help to organize the posts together and update optimization of the posts by making it a regular suggestion whenever the hash tag is searched for.

Common Hash Tags

Some of the hash tags that are most commonly being used by people in their posts nowadays include

  1. #love
  2. #candid
  3. #tbt
  4. #me
  5. #friends
  6. #follow
  7. #good
  8. #like
  9. #share
  10. #tag
  11. #likeforlike
  12. #photo
  13. #sexy
  14. #selfie
  15. #shine
  16. #smile
  17. #morning
  18. #food
  19. #instagood
  20. #happy